Being an artist is owning and revealing your deepest self. It’s about authenticity, honesty and vulnerability.
— Crista Cloutier


My name is Lidia Churakova and I am a painter living in Raleigh, NC.

My art is a form of distilled visual energy. I draw my inspiration from nature and from my emotions and seek ways to express them in a clear, colorful, transformative way. 

 A lot of my Illustrated art is about transforming pain into strength, those paintings are often done when I need to lift myself up from sadness, loneliness and anxiety. Each painting has a story that reminds me of the human strength, love, compassion, and the need to maintain a healthy relationship with oneself and the environment.

The Traditional works are dedicated to documentation and study of nature. We live in a very unstable time, when flooding, storms, and rising temperatures are changing the natural landscapes in dramatic ways. In that context, a painting preserves the memory of a place and becomes a message in the bottle - one that we leave to our children and grandchildren as a record of what our world used to be.

I believe that art should serve a bigger purpose, that’s why I partner with Please visit their website to support your favorite non-profit organization through the purchase of art. 

Please enjoy my art and may you have a colorful day!